Ranworth Lodge Kennels

A Warm Welcome Awaits

A Warm Welcome Awaits

A Warm Welcome AwaitsA Warm Welcome Awaits


The kennels have been constructed from the highest quality materials  and all internal walls of the rooms are constructed of Polypropylene so  they can be easily cleaned, and wont harbour bacteria  like traditional  kennel surfaces and they are all arranged down single corridors meaning  dogs do not face each other, preventing the build up of tension and  noise, allowing them a relaxed and stress free stay with us, we have set  aside three rooms specially for older or nervous/anxious dogs so please  let us know should you like one of those reserving when booking your dogs stay.

In addition to each dogs individual room and adjoining  exercise  area, we have also created within the purpose built  building an indoor  play area, so  if the weather was really bad we can still give them room  to play and stretch those legs, the play area is filled with jumps, tunnels, toys and puzzles  to stimulate their minds by giving them  things to fetch and find, and on really hot days why not have a splash  about in the paddling pool. But if they just want to wander around and chill that’s fine. We will always find the time for that cuddle they crave as well.

Each dog will have a minimum of two good walks a day all within our 7 acre site, they are never taken off the premises, there are also  opportunities to play in our 2 metre high fenced paddock as well as  walks in the woods and around the lake (On a Lead). We believe the more  time they spend outside playing and wandering around the more they will  enjoy their stay at Ranworth Lodge

An integral part of our  design and welfare was to have large floor to ceiling glass frontages to  each room (No Bars)  giving a bright and homely feel along with an attached fully enclosed play area to each room giving your dogs a  feeling of safety and security but within a calming environment, and a  constant temperature all year round.

The entire building is fully insulated not only for warmth but also for sound, and when they want to chill or sleep they have a choice of beds, from the traditional baskets to Kurunda and Hi K9 beds, both raised from the floor to evenly  distribute their weight giving your dog no pressure points but ideal  joint support. All beds and baskets are covered with fleecy Vet–Bed cushions and blankets, you are more than welcome to bring your own blankets/cushions should you wish to make your dogs stay more homely.  

We even have bunk beds for those dogs from the same household that like  to share a room as well as adjoining rooms for families of up to 4 dogs  from the same household.